Pass The Good Festival // Vortex Springs

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Original song “It’s On Tonight” live at Pass The Good Festival (Ponce de Leon, FL) at Vortex Springs. If only we could jump in a spring to cool down after EVERY show…


Sleep In The Shade

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Over the years, our sound has been through all kinds of changes; both stylistically and lyrically. This song encompasses a little bit of everything we like to do with our instruments, and also has a lyrical depth that’s becoming more important to us lately. It feels good to deliver a song to an audience knowing that if they’re paying attention to the lyrics, they might just walk out of the show with a different perspective on something.
As bad as this audio and video quality is… there still seems to be enough good energy going on to share it!
This was at the Side Bar Theater in Tallahassee, opening up for Mr. Zach Deputy.


“Nerd Funk”

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Vulfpeck is a funk band from Michigan. They have a style of funk that’s hard to pin down, but when you watch their videos it all makes sense… high socks, New Balance running shoes, big 80s glasses, obscure graphic tees, and painfully awkward dancing on stage. These dudes have perfected, or maybe even pioneered the genre of “nerd funk.” James Brown’s funk was silky smooth and made listeners bob their head with an even rhythm. Vulfpeck makes you want to hike your pants up, do a robot-like shuffle, and welcome the looks you’ll get from bystanders. Check out the real deal here.


Live @ Bar IX in Titusville, FL

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This is a mash-up we like to do towards the end of a show. One song to get the couples in the mood, and one to ease the minds of those patrons riding solo 😉


Live @ Lynch’s in Jax Beach

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An old song mashed up with a new song is a perfect combination in our eyes/ears. Having been formed in Jacksonville, an Allman Brothers song was an obvious choice for us to play IN Jax, and Gary Clark Jr. is pretty much carrying the torch for the blues these days, so we’re happy these two songs fit so well together. As for the Zeppelin… you just never know where you’re going to end up when you decide to go double-time. Luckily for us “Rock & Roll” is a standard blues chord progression, so we all followed along just fine. Spontaneous moments like this are what keep us having fun playing music!


New Song: “Back On The Hunt”

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This was a couple of months ago at Swampgrass Willy’s in Palm Beach Gardens, FL. Yes, we listen to a lot of James Brown.


Collaboration With Keep It Civil

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We teamed up with our good friends Kevin and Tony from Keep It Civil on this cover of OMI’s “Cheerleader,” with a little John Mayer sprinkled in there.


Live Recording in Highlands, NC

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Highlands, North Carolina is a beautiful little town in the mountains just south of Asheville. We got the chance to play two shows there recently and it was an amazing trip. During the day between the shows, we recorded this live performance of a newer song called I’ll Be Around and added in some shots of the oasis where we were staying— a house on top of a mountain, miles away from the nearest neighbor. These kinds of experiences are what make our desire to play music for the rest of our lives SO strong! New towns, new friends, new songs, new stories to tell.


Side Bar Show 4/25

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We were excited to have a few friends join us in musical fusion last Saturday night at The Side Bar in Tallahassee. Josh Bell, the keys player/producer for Atlanta-based band Lucidea sat in on this R&B medley of two songs we love playing. Musiq Soulchild has always been a soul favorite of TDB, and Jon Cleary is a New Orleans legend who we’re happy to have learned about recently. The warmth, sincerity, and groove of this music is truly at the heart of everything we do in one way or another, so we love to cover songs like this and hopefully turn some new listeners on to great artists like Musiq and Jon Cleary.


Welcome to TDB Headquarters

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It’s been a long time coming, but we finally have an official Tyler Denning Band website! The goal of this site is to be the main hub of everything we do. Show schedules, new song demos, videos, news updates, merchandise, and blog posts about our lives and music will all be gathered here for one cohesive experience. We hope you drop in often to see what we’re working on, but if you’d rather we just notify you about important news, feel free to enter your email address —> and we’ll keep you in the loop (and send you some free music instantly). For now go ahead and explore the website! You’ll find nothing but Coastal Soul vibes everywhere you click.

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